A delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food future.


Food Security. Sustainability. Nutrition.


These are the three pillars of Culinary Adventures based in Vancouver, Canada.


We specialize in public engagement, facilitation, strategic and general communications, and content creation to support a deliciously nutritious, informed, and sustainable food future. We are also experts in Korean food and culture. Our sister site wineadventures.ca is all about wine, travel and food and wine pairings.



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Culinary Adventures was founded in March 2011 by Vancouver writer, broadcaster and communications & content specialist Gloria Chang as a provider of stories, workshops, and strategic planning in the culinary arts. She has been an independent contractor for ten years providing research, writing, consulting, communications, facilitation, teaching, and journalism expertise to a wide variety of organizations, associations, non-profits, schools, corporations, and media outlets. She is the recipient of the Les Dames d’Escoffier, BC Scholarship 2011 and the Les Dames d’Escoffier International 2013 Legacy Award in Wine. Follow the links for more on her and her editorial work.


Wine stories, tasting notes, and events now have their own home at http://wineadventures.ca


Here, Gloria focuses on public engagement, facilitation, strategic and general communications, and content creation and curation to support food security, sustainability and nutrition. Click on Workshops at the top right of this page for the food/cooking workshops we do.

About Us

How to Make Kimchi


Please contact us for kimchi making workshops


It’s spicy! It’s stinky! It’s spectacular!
Rated one of the world’s healthiest foods by Health magazine in 2008. Kimchi’s probiotic bacteria (lactobacilli) are good for both your gastrointestinal and immune systems – and adds a tasty kick to a variety of meals. Led by www.culinaryadventures.co founder Gloria Chang who learned how to make kimchi from her Korean mother, this hands-on workshop will teach you how to make your own Baechu Kimchi (napa cabbage) to take home and ferment at home, and a fresh Kimchi salad you’ll get to taste in class.


No experience necessary! Limited to 15 participants.



What people say about this workshop...

“Excellent instruction, it was great to have the sampling, followed by the demo before preparing the food ourselves.”


“It was informative, fun, and tasty and well organized. It was wonderful that your mom came!”


“It was a great! Very fun and informative.”


“The fact that this was a traditional lesson from mother and daughter was what made this so special. It’s one thing to take a class from an “enthusiast”, but it’s another to learn from the “real deal” – Thank you for coming and sharing your wisdom Joyce and thank you to Gloria for knowing how important it is to share your culture and putting it into action!
I have done many ferments, sauerkraut etc., but kimchi is a whole other animal and I knew it was something that you need to learn the authentic way – this class definitely did that with ease and I’m so excited to go home and make and eat my own.”


“It was really fun. I had a great time.”